Kayak Instruction

Customized kayaking classes based on your personal skills, needs, and wants!

Black Dog Paddle offers one and two person whitewater or sea kayak instruction along with our very successful SUP classes! Whether you like to kayak on rivers, lakes, or the ocean this course is designed to take your kayaking to the next level. In this course students will focus on the fundamentals of kayaking in order to develop a good platform from which all other skills will build. Our instructors have a very progressive teaching style that combines up to date paddling techniques with fun interactive games and exercises.

Skills that will be covered in class
  • Launching and landing
  • Wet exits
  • Forward, reverse and sweep strokes
  • Draws/moving the boat sideways
  • Self and assisted rescues
  • Bow rescue
Additional skills may include
  • Edging
  • Bracing
  • Turns on the move

Full day courses

Location and times upon email request    /    6-7 hours
May include
  • Fundamentals of Kayaking
  • Wind and waves (ocean and advanced upon request)

Half day course

Location and times listed on BOOK NOW! page under private instruction   /    3-4 hours
May include
  • Strokes and maneuvers
  • Rescues and boat comfort

Rolling sessions

Location and times upon email request    /    2 hours
May include:
  • bracing
  • Rolling
  • Drills
  • T rescues
  • Student to student assistance
  • 1:4 Instructor to Student Ratio max

Things to bring

  • Paddling clothes (no cotton)
  • Dry clothes
  • Water shoes (you want to have a pair of shoes that can get wet and will stay on your feet. Tennis shoes are too big and flip flops don’t stay on your feet while you are swimming. Also, try to limit shoes with laces; they have been known to get caught on the inside of the boat.)
  • Sun screen/Hat/Sun glasses
  • Water/snack

Gear that will provided

  • Boat (students can bring their own boat as long as it is a kayak with sealed bow and stern bulkheads) If you do not know, simply take a picture of your kayak, and email it to us!
  • Life Jacket
  • Paddle
  • Spray skirt